Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT
123 Nishiodawaracho, Toyohashi City, Aichi 440-0887
Tel: +81-(0)532-39-8810 / Fax: +81-(0)532-55-8192

Opening hours: 9am to 10pm

Closed: The third Monday of each month. However, PLAT will be open if the third Monday is a national holiday, but will close on the following day (Tuesday). It also closes during the New Year's holiday period.

Getting to Toyohashi

By train:

* Times given using the fastest trains.

* PLAT is connected via a roughly 3-minute skywalk with the South Exit of Toyohashi Station (JR Tokaido Line and Nagoya Railway Line) and Shin-Toyohashi Station (Toyohashi Railway, Atsumi Line).

By car:

* These timings assume a smooth traffic flow.

There is no parking at the theatre. Please use spaces near the station or travel by public transport.

Special price at affiliated parking spaces

¥150 to ¥100 per 30 minutes (up to 4 hours maximum)

* Please take your parking ticket to the parking discount checker machine in the Foyer of PLAT.

Map of affiliated parking spaces